Vol.101 2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 1/2

2017/9    Vol.101

The ISOWA NEWS LETTER is a newsletter for the benefit
of special customers only.
Each month we bring you information about our company
and its products – information you won’t find on our home page
or in our catalogs.
We hope the ISOWA NEWS LETTER will help you feel closer to us.

1├ 2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 1/2
2├ Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –
3├ With all respect and appreciation from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Hello! This is Hirofumi Ogura from the Export Department.

We are coming to the end of a hot summer. How has everyone spent their summer holidays?

If you spend your next holiday in Japan, I’ve got just the place for you to stay.
It’s a very unique hotel, called “Henn-na Hotel,” which means “Strange Hotel.”

You may ask what is so unique about this hotel.
Well, It uses the most advanced technology to offer excitement and comfort
at the world’s first robot hotel. Yes, it’s a robot hotel!

I’ll explain a bit more about this “Henn-na Hotel.”

The first thing you’ll notice when you enter this hotel is the robot cloakroom.
Before checking in and after checking out, a robot will take care of your bags.

There is no one at the front desk when you check in.
A robot with a female human form and a robot in dinosaur form operate the front desk.
After check-in, a robot car bellboy will carry your bags and show you to your room.

Don’t you feel excited at the prospect of staying at such a unique hotel?
I think that anyone who stays in this hotel must feel as though they’ve travelled
through time to the future. I’m sure a stay there would make wonderful memories.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Japan, do consider staying there.

And now, let’s turn to Vol. 101 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.
We hope you like this edition.

2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 1/2

This is Kiyoto Nakai from the Nagoya Domestic Sales Office.

Already six months have passed since we began the new fiscal year.
At this time of year, I imagine the new employees who have entered the company
with hearts full of ambition are currently struggling.

The other day, I happened to go to a car dealership and the salesman who took
care of me was clearly a new employee. Together, with a more experienced salesman,
he told me about the cars and provided me an estimate. I wasn’t planning on
buying a car, but I listened to his pitch, and his desperate efforts to “communicate
the good qualities of the car” came through to me, and though I’ve been in sales
for 14 years now, this was actually a good lesson for me, reminding me that I should
try to retain such beginner’s spirit when I work.

Meanwhile, this year we have welcomed eight ambitious new employees to the company.

In this newsletter and the next, we will bring you the reasons why
our new employees chose ISOWA, the resolutions they have made for themselves
through their training, and so on.


There are two major reasons why I chose ISOWA. The first reason is that
it perfectly fits my key conditions in choosing a company. The second reason is
that I was drawn to the warmth of ISOWA people. During my interview, the employees
saw how nervous I was and they chatted with me to help me feel better, and talked to me
in a very considerate way, which made a big impression on me that stays with me now.

Every day passes in the blink of an eye.
The senior members around me are truly kind, and I look up to them all.
Every day I’m so inspired by them. In the future, when I get some
seniority and new employees enter the company, I want to be a senior employee
that younger employees can think, “I want to be like that when I’m a senior member.”


The main reasons I decided to join ISOWA were the bright and kind personalities
of the ISOWA people. I came to the company many times during my internship and
the selection process, and everyone always struck up casual conversations with me
and showed consideration for me, This made me so happy and I thought I’d really
like to work surrounded by people like that.

Currently, I’m in training and I’m spending time in a lot of different departments,
but the impression I had before I joined the company hasn’t changed. The people I meet
in every department are all really good people, and I’m having fun as I learn every day.
Every time I talk with my friends who have gotten hired by other companies, I realize
how lucky I am to have bosses and senior members whom I can talk to about both
serious and casual things, and I don’t take it for granted at all.

No matter what department I go to, I always meet people who I admire and respect,
and these people have become role models for me. I’m going to keep absorbing all kinds
of things so I can become even a little more like the senior members of the company.
I am going to work so that someday someone will look up to me as an ISOWA person!


I began to develop an interest in ISOWA when I spoke to an older acquaintance
who was already working here. That person asked me, “What do you value when
choosing the company you want to join?” For me, I thought that being able to grow
as a person while working at a company was the most important thing. I couldn’t
imagine myself becoming merely a cog in a machine, just getting my work done every day.
I thought about what it meant for me to be able to work at a company that would
allow me to grow. I came up with three points.

The first point was an environment conducive to growth.
At ISOWA, there is a concept of “working for yourself and the family that you love.”
Thanks to this shared philosophy, everyone respects each other’s hard work.
In this environment, people don’t hold each other back, and I thought that if I can
give it my all, I’ll be able to grow as a person while I’m here.

The second point was the good corporate culture.
I think that the corporate culture is the reason why everyone working at ISOWA
is able to work so freely. If you have a question about something and aren’t able to
ask about it immediately, you’ll continue to be left in the dark, and you won’t be able
to grow. But at ISOWA, there are connections between generations and departments,
so if you have a question about something, it’s possible to resolve it properly.
This good corporate culture makes it a place where people can grow.

The third point is a climate where people can try new things.
At other companies, they think that trying new things results in more expenses.
However, thanks to the efforts of employees who came before me at ISOWA,
the company has a climate where many people have positive things to say when
someone starts something new. I think that trying new things is an essential part
of growth. Therefore, I confirmed that there is no better company for personal growth
than ISOWA, and I began my job hunt with ISOWA as my top choice.
Happily, I was able to join ISOWA, the company that I love.

During my training, I’m encountering so many new things, and I often feel lost, but
I’m so glad that all the other employees are so kind and explain things in a way
that is easy to understand. I will definitely make use of my experiences, and I will
continue to do my best!


During the orientation at ISOWA, I heard the words, “What is happiness to you?”
and I was able to look back over my own life and realize that I was very blessed
with the people I’ve been connected to throughout my life.
Up to recently, I spent my whole life playing soccer, so I had hard times such as when
I had to take long breaks due to injury, or during the many grueling training sessions,
and I know now that it was the support of my friends and teachers that helped me
overcome these tough experiences. That’s why I put “people” and “connections
between people” as the focus of my job hunt.

During the selection process with ISOWA, I was attracted by the warmth and
kindness of ISOWA people, and the passionate way they approach their work.
Other companies didn’t even come close to the level of kindness everyone
showed me here. This made me want to work together with the people I met,
and to work to become a similar type of person. This strong desire was the reason
I chose ISOWA.

As I move around to all the departments during my training, I’ve gradually
grown to understand the workflow, and develop knowledge about machines
and parts. While every day is very full, I’ve also come to know how much I still
have left to learn. I’m going to keep learning and work on solving my personal
challenges so that I can become an ideal ISOWA person.

To be continued in the next newsletter…

Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –

ISOWA forges ahead to become the company with the best corporate
culture in the world.
We have created the ISOWA VISION BOOK to introduce the success story
of ISOWA to people who do not know our company.
We will present the contents of the VISION BOOK.

Maintenance staff are privileged to hear certain things the clients say.

“Fixing machines is the most basic job of the maintenance crew.” (Adachi)
Adachi visits clients quite frequently. It’s not just for mechanical breakdowns,
but he also makes regular rounds. Through such frequent visits, he has built
a good relationship with his clients, including those in smaller cities outside
the main metropolitan areas.

“When I visit local clients, sometimes it takes two days. In such a case,
I often get invited to dine with them the first night. My motto is to work happily,
as it may dampen my client’s feelings if I look grumpy. Therefore, I try to look happy
and full of energy when I’m working with my clients. This attitude may help them to talk
freely with me.” (Adachi)

Since he is a maintenance staff-member who helps solve problems for the clients,
the clients tend to be more open with him.
“My clients truly feel relieved and happy when I can fix their problems quickly.
Their trust deepens and we become more like friends. Then they may give me
more honest comments regarding the machine. They may say, “I also want this
other part fixed,” or “Can such and such functionality be incorporated to the machine?”
That kind of feedback could help us develop more advanced new products.” (Adachi)

Two years ago, when his child was born, Adachi received a gift of baby clothing
from one of his clients. This wonderful gift is a sign of the client’s trust.

Every member of the engineering staff is provided with a personal toolbox.
Though it looks small, it contains many tools.

With all respect and appreciation
From President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

A few weeks ago, my uncle who is the former-president of ISOWA passed away.

▼To read more about it, visit the below website
(President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)

——————Copyright(C) 2009-2017 ISOWA Corporation—————–


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