Vol.102:2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 2/2

2017/10    Vol.102

The ISOWA NEWS LETTER is a newsletter for the benefit
of special customers only.
Each month we bring you information about our company
and its products – information you won’t find on our home page
or in our catalogs.
We hope the ISOWA NEWS LETTER will help you feel closer to us.

1├ 2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 2/2
2├ Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –
3├ 51% : 49% from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

I have a question for everyone.

Is Japan an island nation, or a mountain nation?
Both answers are correct.
Japan’s land is 61% mountainous, and if you count hilly areas, it is 72% mountainous.
So, no matter where you live, you’ll always be able to see mountains somewhere, and
there is no flat horizon. The amazing thing about Japan’s mountains is that below
the tree line (2500m), most mountains are totally green, and you rarely see a brown,
treeless mountain.

Trekking activities for health through mountainous areas, forests, and
pastoral landscapes are very popular, and it is best to go particularly around
October and November when the autumn leaves change color. If you’re lucky,
you might find some chestnuts or walnuts on the ground which you can pick up
and take home. This is Nagai from Overseas Service Department, who is
starting to think about killing two birds with one stone by planning a pastoral trek
to get some chestnuts for that seasonal favorite, chestnut rice.

And now, let’s turn to Vol. 102 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.
We hope you like this edition.

2017 Introducing our New Employees Part 2/2

Continuing from our previous newsletter, here are some more new employees
talking about why they chose ISOWA and the resolutions they have made
for themselves through their training.

When I was in my second year of high school, I happened to spot a job
posting of ISOWA, and I learned that ISOWA’s corporate is
to “create a company with the best corporate culture in the world.” I was
intrigued, and I wanted to know, “What is this company actually doing to make
its corporate culture the best in the world?” As I was researching about ISOWA,
I began to agree with this corporate philosophy, and I began to want to work
for ISOWA, so I joined the company.

Something has changed with my current lifestyle in comparison
to my student days.

When I was a student, I left a lot of things up to my parents, But after
I began working, I began to do everything for myself in preparation for when
I will begin to live on my own next year.

Just like the senior members, I want to be motivated in my work, be proactive,
not fear mistakes, and above all, I want to be an ISOWA person who is willing
to try anything.

When I was in my second year of high school, I participated in the internship
program, and that was when I first learned of ISOWA. My first impression was
that the interior of the factory was very clean and tidy, and it felt very bright.
I felt like I could spend the rest of my life working here, and I decided I wanted
to join the company.

Since April, I’ve been training in each department, and no matter what
department I go to, everyone teaches me very kindly. I’m full of gratitude
to everyone. I know that everything I learn during my training will be useful
to me on the job, so I’m trying hard to absorb all the techniques and knowledge.

Just like the corporate philosophy, I want to devote each day
to becoming a proper ISOWA person who can

Every year, some seniors at my school get jobs at ISOWA, and I found out about it
because my teacher thought the corporate culture would suit me. In fact,
a senior student who helped me a lot during school also joined ISOWA and
recommended it to me. I also personally took an interest in ISOWA, and when I
learned about the company and its corporate culture, I decided I wanted to work here.

There are a lot of techniques that I didn’t learn when I was in high school,
and there is a lot I still don’t understand, but the senior members guide me
during my training. The more I learn, the more fun my work becomes. I want to
keep on actively trying new things, improve my skills, and make good use of
my new abilities.

When I was looking for a job, I wanted to find a company that placed
importance on something more than just working, and I wanted to work in
manufacturing somehow. When I found out about ISOWA at the job information
session on campus, I knew it was the perfect match.
As soon as I found out about ISOWA, I had no doubt in my mind, and I pursued work
with the company immediately.

During training, every day passes in the blink of an eye. I learn so much
and I’m really feeling fulfilled.

When I was a student, I didn’t really understand how companies worked,
but through my training at many different departments, I’m learning about
the connections between departments in a very concrete way, and now I understand
much more.

My goal is to be able to work in a way that shows thoughtfulness towards
everyone involved with ISOWA.

In order to do so, I won’t limit myself to just objects and actions, but
I’ll stand in the shoes of the other person and consider their perspective.
I also want to remember to always question things. This means I want to
not only question things on my own, but I also want to develop the habit of
thinking critically about what I am taught.

So what do you think?
Perhaps you’ve gotten a sense of the fresh thinking coming from the new employees.

Our company training involves going around to each department
in order to understand how the departments are connected and
learn about the work involved. After this assignment, they continue training
in their own departments.

In the next newsletter, there will be an article about the training that
new employees undergo from April to July.

Shooting for the World No. 1 Spot – ISOWA VISION STORY BOOK –

ISOWA forges ahead to become the company with the best corporate
culture in the world.
We have created the ISOWA VISION BOOK to introduce the success story
of ISOWA to people who do not know our company.
We will present the contents of the VISION BOOK.

We can rely on each other only because each one of us is independent.

“There are so many reliable fellow workers. We work with engineering staff very closely.
“For example, I talk to them whenever I want to make sure about the size of the
broken parts, or I ask them before I go to the client’s plant ‘Can you suggest other
kinds of trouble I might experience while doing this kind of repair?’
I sometimes visit a client with them.” (Adachi)

Everyone is engaged in multiple tasks, so we’re very busy. But they will sincerely
consult with fellow workers whenever they are asked their advice or opinions.
Such an attitude helps create a friendly atmosphere that goes beyond
the distinctions of company section or of rank or seniority.

I often ask for consultation to senior staff from different department and
my supervisors, and they ask for my opinion just as often. It is a great opportunity
for me to build confidence when I am asked like that. When we deal with our customers,
everyone is ready to contribute, no matter which department we belong to.
We all get involved in creating a good working environment.
That is ISOWA’s corporate culture, which I really like and am very proud of.” (Adachi)

Adachi seems so proud when he talks about ISOWA. It is evident that
his confidence and pride comes from how deeply he is committed to ISOWA’s future.

Adachi’s office is in Osaka, and whenever he comes to the headquarters,
many of his coworkers jump at the opportunity and say, “Tell us about
your most recent repair tasks” or “What kind of problems have been you fixing lately?”
Exchanging new information is an important part of his job.

51% : 49%
From President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Prior to the Golden Week shipments, we had many foreign customers over for the pre-shipment acceptance and machine demo.

▼To read more about it, visit the below website
(President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)
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