Vol.106:My first installation work

2018/2    Vol.106

The ISOWA NEWS LETTER is a newsletter for the benefit
of special customers only.
Each month we bring you information about our company
and its products – information you won’t find on our home page
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We hope the ISOWA NEWS LETTER will help you feel closer to us.

1├ My first installation work
2├ Deliver Dreams through Corrugated Board from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Hello everybody!

It’s now February and we are already more than a month into 2018.
Although we are experiencing colder weather this year in Japan than normal,
the month ahead of us will be the coldest yet, and we are entering the season
in which every region in the country experiences its highest levels of snowfall.

I am sure that some of you reading this are not particularly fond of cold winters.
However, starting one week from now on February 9, the Winter Olympics will
be held for a two-week period, and are sure to arouse the passion of even
these people.

This year’s Winter Olympics are to be held in the city of PyeongChang
in neighboring South Korea, and I think that many people from Japan will rush
to offer their support. I wonder if in fact some readers will make the trip to watch
the games on location.

Many athletes from Japan will participate in the PyeongChang Olympics,
and one website predicts that Japan will win three gold, six silver, and
two bronze medals, for a total of 11. Regardless of whether this is large
number of medal winners or not, a total of more than 100 men and women
will compete, and if everything goes as predicted, around 10 percent
will win a medal. How about we all put our hearts into cheering on our own
countries and favorite athletes? I too plan to be in front of the TV, barracking
for the Japanese team and their events, on which my hopes rest.

Next up are the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held in Japan at last
two years from now in 2020. In the intervening period, excitement is sure
to mount in Japan in anticipation. It is still a little way off, but how about
visiting Japan to watch the games in Tokyo?

Kazumi , Overseas Service Department.

And now, let’s turn to Vol. 106 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.
We hope you like this edition.

My first installation work

Hello everyone. I am , and I’m a new employee in the
Nagoya Domestic Sales Department. I’m very nervous about my first
contribution to the ISOWA NEWS LETTER. All the same, I’ll do my best
to tell you readers about those tireless ISOWA people who live and
breathe ISOWA.Please don’t judge my efforts too harshly!

As part of my training, I participated in the installation of
The purpose of this training was to gain an understanding of open/close-type
IBIS machines. I also felt an urge to learn the kind of things that you can
only pick up on site. I set myself the goal of finding out what the actual
work processes are involved, the number of people and trucks required,
the nature of the customers themselves, and all the other things that
I would have to go into the field to learn.

Before going to take part in the customer’s installation work, I participated in
adjustment work at ISOWA, where I had the fundamentals of adjustment
methods and machines explained to me. It was fun advancing my
understanding of the machines. I also participated in the work itself,
and prepared for the installation at the customer’s plant. Before the actual
installation work, I received strict instructions from our senior employee to
put safety first and not to neglect my health. The people around me also
warned me that work sites get extremely hot in summer so I should be
careful not to get heatstroke, and that I should keep myself hydrated
and tell someone if I felt unwell.

Combined with what I learned through in-house adjustment,
I felt that as long as I kept my health under control on site I was
completely ready. If I learn as much as I could through the installation work,
I would be able to accomplish more tasks and contribute more to
those around me.

However, things at the installation site were tougher than I had anticipated.
When the actual installation work began, rapid action was required
across the board.

Once the building time is set, the work can’t be delayed, which is
why there is no time to move slowly, whether performing a task or
making a decision. Every wasteful action reduces the efficiency
of the entire operation. I myself was left , unable to keep up
with the frenetic pace of the work on site.

Thanks to the guidance I received from my colleagues during the breaks
between works, my outlook changed significantly. Once I came to
understand the work processes and the structure of the machines,
I was able to predict what would come next, and the work became easier.
As a result, I was less confused, and little by little I began to be able to keep up.

The installation training meant that I was able to understand certain
things precisely because I was able to take part in the entire process
from installation through to a test run. These were “1. Understanding
the machines,” “2. Customer opinions,” and “3. On-site situation.”

(1) Understanding the machines
While working, I was able to learn more than what I had studied in advance.
Right there in front of me, senior members and my superiors explained why
we perform these tasks and why we make such adjustments, and let me
think about it. I was able to think for myself as I carried out my tasks.
I feel that this was a truly valuable experience that I could not have gained
simply working at a desk.

(2) Customer opinions
When performing work and adjustment on site, I was able to ask customers
about the normal state of production they worked in, and about what they
expect and want from IBIS. As a new employee, I was very happy to be
afforded the opportunity to have such conversations. When I become an
I will try to acquire the ability to respond earnestly to
the expectations and wishes of our customers.

(3) On-site situation
The first thing I noticed was the difficulty of balancing speed with a high level
of precision. This very difficultness taught me a lot, and I also learned about
the importance of safety. During the construction, in addition to installation work,
construction forklifts were coming and going while equipment was brought in
by heavy machinery, and construction companies performing ancillary tasks
were working in high locations. Amidst all this, it was necessary to address
all risks while ensuring safety. Working safely while performing precision
tasks rapidly requires a high level of concentration and care. I was able to
appreciate the significance behind the importance that those involved
attached to putting safety first.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to the customers who gave me
their valued opinions, to ISOWA people who taught me a variety of things
during their work on site, and to the people who made the preparations for
such invaluable training. Building on what I learned and noticed during this
installation work, I would like to achieve personal growth, and work to become
a member of ISOWA people who support this company and share the values
it represents.

Deliver Dreams through Corrugated Board
From President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Once I stepped into the place, I was overwhelmed by their great presence.

▼To read more about it, visit the below website
(President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)

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