Vol.109:Another Type of “Open House”

2018/5    Vol.109

The ISOWA NEWS LETTER is a newsletter for the benefit
of special customers only.
Each month we bring you information about our company
and its products – information you won’t find on our home page
or in our catalogs.
We hope the ISOWA NEWS LETTER will help you feel closer to us.

1├ Another Type of “Open House”
2├ Corrugated Steam Locomotive from President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Lately, the early summer days have brought refreshing breezes.
Hello everyone.
I am Hiroki Mizuno, a field service engineer.
I often visit Southeast Asia and the Middle East for work.

One country I often visit in the Middle East is the Sultanate of Oman
where there was a bombing the other day at a shopping mall. I have
actually been to the same mall several times, so I was very surprised
and shocked at the news. This incident reminded me again of how
the Middle East still lives side-by-side with danger.

It is my hope and wish that the world can enjoy peaceful days
without any incidents of terrorism.

And now, let’s turn to Vol. 109 of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER.
We hope you like this edition.

Another Type of “Open House”

Hello everyone.
This issue of the ISOWA NEWS LETTER is brought to you by
Makoto Tanabe of the Nagoya Domestic Sales Office.

I’m sure many of you know that each year at ISOWA we hold
an “Open House” event so that our customers can learn about
the progress we’ve made over the past year.

But did you know there is another type of “Open House” here at ISOWA?
In this issue, I’d like to tell you about this other “Open House.”

It is called the ISOWA Family Open House, otherwise known as “F.O.H.”

Day in and day out, because each and every one of us are able
to enjoy a healthy day’s work, ISOWA people can continue to provide
machinery and services to our customers. We are able to stay healthy
thanks to the support of families at home, and the goal of the ISOWA
Family Open House is to show gratitude to our supportive families.

As you all know, the main types of machinery produc at ISOWA are
corrugators and flexo folder gluer machines. Because most people
never have the opportunity to see and touch these types of machines,
this Open House gives the family members of ISOWA people the chance
to see and be amazed by equipment such as IBIS Flexo Folder Gluer
and CF60 Minglefacer.

Past F.O.H. events gave the family members of ISOWA people the
chance to see “i Machine” in action, showing them what kind of jobs
their family members are working so hard at.

However, the F.O.H. held on February 24 was a bit different than usual,
where a steam locomotive was present. This life-sized steam locomotive
was actually made of corrugated paper.

*January 30 ISOWA blog

The person who made this creation was Mr. Hideo Shima, a cardboard
artist from Minamishimabara, Nagasaki. The steam locomotive on
display at ISOWA was a C62 that measures 21 meters in length, weighing
in at three tons. This star steam locomotive pulled the Line
Limited Express “Tsubame” trains that ran after WW2. That was its first
reveal to the public in the , and our corrugated paper steam
locomotive was assembled over the course of two days at the ISOWA
factory. The reproduction was kept on display for two weeks for customers
to view and when I saw the locomotive I thought of how excited the families
would be when they saw it, and I found myself visiting the factory many times
before the event.

Because home and the workplace are two separate worlds, most people
never have the chance to have their families come see them at work.
Bringing family to the Family Open House, I enjoyed talking to them about
what I do each day at work, bragging a little bit, seeing newfound respect
for me in my children, putting my parent’s minds at ease, having my family
understand my work, and seeing them listening to me talk about it .
This makes me happy to be a member of ISOWA people, and was the most
wonderful thing about the F.O.H. for me. It gives me the inspiration to work
hard every day and provide the best machinery and services to our customers
and continuemaking improvements.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about the other type of “Open House.”
Thank you.

Corrugated Steam Locomotive
From President Isowa’s Blog, ISOWA DIARY

Corrugated Steam Locomotive which I wrote about before finally arrived!

▼To read more about it, visit the below website
(President Isowa’s blog, ISOWA DIARY)

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please kindly inform us. We are willing to bring your subject to the press.

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